Hey, I'm Derek :)
21, studying architectural engineering.
I love underground hip hop, dci, my dogs, and poor life choices.
  • Dante: Making my way downtown
  • Dante: Walking fast
  • Demons: KILL DANTE
  • Dante: Walking faster
The White Panda

—Cooler Than Latch


The White Panda | Cooler Than Latch (Disclosure ft Sam Smith // Mike Posner)

Social Justice.

It’s simple, treat each other well and with respect. Nobody is exempt from the rule. (I am aware that I am not perfect and have a lot of learning still to come) 

Hating someone for their gender, race, social standing, upbringing, OR IGNORANCE, is still hate. It is easy to hate those who hurt you…the harder path is working hard to try and teach them that there is another way. When you say such cruel things (even to those you think deserve it) you become the monster you fear. You are perpetuating the cycle of pain.

Expect more from yourself.